More efficient intention of the library users demands service development at the participant institutions of the consortium. 


Eight libraries teamed up to create "Duna-menti közös katalógus" which is available on the Internet,Tomori Pal Town and College library from Kalocsa,Dózsa György Economical, Technical Secondary School, Vocational School and Boarding-school from Kalocsa, Kossuth Zsuzsanna Human and Trade Secondary School, Vocational School from Kalocsa, Nagyasszonyunk Catholic Kindergarten, Generalschool, Gymnasium and Boarding-school from Kalocsa, the library of Szent István Gymnasium from Kalocsa, the Danube Education Association kindergarten, elementary and Arts school from Dunapataj,the library of Ráday Pál General Cultural Center from Harta whose have municipal library function as well and the Vécsey Károly Community Centre and Library (town library ) from Solt.

The project includes the integrated library software acquisition whose are necessary to put on  the library files to the computers, on-line access supporter library websites and a collective website preparation, data recording and the costs of trainings which are necessery for the system operation,and the materialcost of the library promotion and reading culture development programs.

Project duration: from 01.05.2010-to 28.02.2012.

Amount:  57.683.791 HUF

The project is supported by the European Union,and materialized by the European Social Foundation co-finance